Ito Khurdi

Bass, Vocal

Playing Jazz music with funk/Blues/Rythm n'Blues/World influences.

Ito Khurdi and friends LIVE, playing Jazz music with funk/Blues/Rythm n’Blues/World influences.

Early influences : Javanese folk & puppet music (wayang kulit), and children songs. An example is the Lullaby song (track 10), his grandfather, M.NITIJUWONO, sang to him almost everynight to lull him to sleep. Other influences included US Rock, Pop, and especially Jazz, in which Ito felt the freedom of expression he was seeking.

Education : Ito studied classical music on guitar, piano, and double bass at IKIP Jogjakarta, Music Department. Then he had an “eureka” moment, when he heard Jaco Pastorious, and fell in love with the bass, which has been his main instrument ever since.

Experience : Started music career in Bali, playing jazz music and other styles in hotels and clubs. In 1995, he joined with Balawan formed crossover band called BATUAN ETHNIC FUSION. In 1997 made an album called Globalism. In 2001 until 2005 he left Indonesia to join a band called PURE from USA, and then another band called POSITIVE ENERGY.