Ina Ladies

Jazz, Blues

In 2013, at the invitation of Indonesian Blues Festival, women from different musical backgrounds came together and formed a group they named at that time Ladies in A Blues. They enjoyed performing together so much they decided to keep playing as a group.

Since then, they have changed their name to Ina Ladies. They felt that with their rich mix of diversity they should be playing different genres of music.


happy-prettyThe vocalist and trumpet player. By day, Happy teaches vocal in Farabi Music School, Jakarta. While most members of the group were still at school, Happy had already made her name with the Pretty Sisters. Her passion and joy of music has kept her on the stage till now.

She is the leader of the group.



metaThe music arranger of the group. A Master of Music graduate from Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI), she has made various music arrangements for Big Band and Orchestra performances. She plays the piano and keyboard. As a director of Musicater, she has collaborated with groups from abroad.



bonitaThe lead vocalist, Bonita, sings the blues with deep resonance, plays the harmonica and acoustic guitar.



SheilaTrained as an accountant in Atmajaya University, she found her true calling in playing bass guitar, gathering trophies from several competitions. She specializes in Jazz. She also plays in Starlite Band.



alsaAlsa started learning to play drums at the age of 6 in Farabi Music School. She has won various drum competitions and played in Dwiki Darmawan’s World Peace Orchestra, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Gita Gutawa Band, Dewi Sandra Band, Fusion Stuff, Starlite.