guitar player, singer and songwriter

I Wayan Balawan is a Jazz/Rock/Ethnic guitar player, singer and songwriter. He better known by single name Balawan and as Asia’s first guitarist that has developed the touch style technique with 8 fingers a.k.a. the touch-tapping style on a double-neck guitar. He formed bands: Batuan Ethnic Fusion and Gamelan Maestro Project, which combined the traditional Balinese gamelan music with jazz / fusion style, Balawan Bifan Trio (Balawan – guitar, Fajar Adi Nugroho – bass & Dion Wardyono Subiakto – drums). Balawan associated with Trisum (Trio Indonesian guitar-heroes project by Dewa Budjana & Tohpati). The founder of Bali Guitar Club, and the founder of Yayasan BUMI (Balawan Untuk Musik Indonesia – Modern, Traditional, Music and Art) Music & Recording School with Stage Hall.