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Who We Are


mm1Makassar Media One is a company engaged in the field of media, publishing and entertainment to the area of Makassar, South Sulawesi and eastern Indonesia.

As the organizer and promoter of Makassar Jazz Festival,  Makassar Media One in cooperation with the Government, private sector and local communities and international, in a mutually beneficial cooperation.


With the intention of helping and supporting the Municipalities and Province Government, in order to promote Makassar City as potential city of tourism and become one of famous city in the world.

Introducing Makassar as a city that has the art of high culture and full of creative society.

Exposing Makassar Jazz Festival as an International event and become one of series from annual agenda. Makassar Jazz Festival would like to greet the tourists in Makassar and South Sulawesi and ask them to join and feel the festivity in celebrating anniversary of Makassar City.



As a pioneer of Jazz Event, Pop and Ethnic festival in East Indonesia that has its own hallmark.

Creating an International Jazz Festival and organize the event in such a historical, nice and exotic place. Well known as the icon of Makassar City, it is “Fort Rotterdam”

Meet The Team


Yosi Nahwi Rasul




Jerry Toisa

Creative & Program Director



Darul Aqsa

Festival Director